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Kinfolk Magazine


We are all about celebrating the success of fellow creatives and I had such a lovely day soaking up the atmosphere to welcome the Co-Founder Katie Searle-Williams and Community Director Julie Pointer of Kinfolk to Sydney. Jessie from Paper Supply Co hosted us in her beautiful home which over looked Manly beach. I managed to steal them away for a quick chat to find out a bit more about Kinfolk and their entrepreneurial success.

Kinfolk caters to a growing readership of young artists and food enthusiasts by focusing on simple ways to spend time together. Each issue combines lyrical essays, recipes, interviews, personal stories and practical tips with a keen attention to design and details. Kinfolk is a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle.”- Kinfolk Website. It’s a beautiful magazine filled with photos that tell stories, create inspiration for day-to-day life and remind us what life is all about.

I’m always keen to hear people’s stories, and in particular how such a successful business came to fruition. After finding out a bit about Kinfolk and the mindset behind it, we talked about how Kinfolk came to be- the Passion Project. Katie and Nathan lived in a small town called Portland where they had to make a lot of their own fun and they realised there was no resource to go to for inspiring ideas surrounding the gathering of friends and family. A turning point in Katie’s mind was when her University lecturer told her prior to graduating that they either had two choices – to go back and do a post grad or make it on their own as there was little to no hope for a job in the current financial climate. Many would take this advice and go back to University but Katie, together with her now husband Nathan, decided to take their concept, forge their way and make it happen.

Initially they used it as a Passion Project and reached out to their online networks for submissions and content to help create their first issue. Organically after a lot of hard work and late nights, Issue 1 was published. It seemed the timing and ideas were the perfect fit for what the market demanded and from then on they haven’t looked back. From self-funding their first edition and now working on Issue 11 they are pinching themselves with their success.

Julie is the community director who manages the submissions and stories that make up the magazine and web content within different regions. It was nice to see the companionship of the two girls and how they finished each other’s sentences. They are clearly on the same path with a mission to create a magazine that inspires, makes you reflect on your life and the table you share with your family and friends. They both love to start their mornings with the usual tea or coffee but make a special effort to take some time out to read or write and keep the mind at peace.

I’m always looking for new reads so they told me some of their favourite authors that influence how they run their lives and contribute to the Kinfolk way. Annie Dillard writes creative non-fiction. She is an observer of life and being present in the moment. Emerson is a classic who quietens life down and focuses on the simple things in life – friends, family and being together. Walden inspires.

Some last minute advice for those creatives in the business wanting to embrace it full time:

Katie: Be original, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make it happen.
Julie: Aim for days where your gratitude is higher than your expectation – these are the good days.
Both: Always show people that you are thankful and live life not just for your business but to help others as well.

At the end of the chat I walked away reminded of the simple things in life and celebrating them with our family and friends. I do believe LOVE is an important one of them;)

A huge thank you to all involved to make today happen. Nadean x

Jessie James, Jaclyn Carson, Natalie Haylar, Marios Kitchen and of course the Kinfolk Team.


Photography by Nadean