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Nadean FAQ’s

Please Note: Due to current workload there is little availability left for 2014 and 2015.

Nadean is an award winning wedding photographer, that prides herself on capturing special moments of the day expertly, candidly and unobtrusively. She is known for her ability to make clients feel at ease whilst creatively making the most of the landscape, lighting and styling.

Nadean has a passion for celebrating life and a rare ability to deliver not only stunning photography but to thread this together into a beautiful story. Her distinctive style is refreshingly candid, natural and relaxed – capturing the the emotion and energy of every moment.

Nadean offers a personalised service and takes the time to understand her clients and their vision prior to the wedding day. With so many decisions to make, Nadean’s wealth of experience and willingness to provide advice, help make the arrangements for the day streamline and effortless. The collections starts at $3100 for 5 hours coverage with DVD only.

Photo Courtesy from Jenny Sun Photography.


How would you describe your shooting style?
My style is very candid and relaxed. I don’t like to get in the way, especially in the ceremony, and unless I tell you to look at the camera then I aim to capture you just as you are. I get a lot of inspiration from fashion magazines and love to put it all together to tell an editorial style story of your wedding day.

How did you get started in photography?
I’ve always loved photography from a young age. As with anything you love it started as a hobby and I went to university and qualified as a chartered accountant at KPMG. It wasn’t until I had traveled around the world with work that I got the opportunity to enrol in the University of Arts, London and study photography fulltime in 2007. It was after this that I decided to take the leap into running my own photography business. That was where my life changed and I haven’t looked back.

Are you a full time photographer?
Yes I am.

What camera do you shoot with?
On every shoot I have at least two bodies. I shoot with Nikon D3′s and D700′s. I have a range of lenses at different focal lengths.

Do you have a studio we can visit you at?
Yes I have a beautiful studio in Alexandria, Sydney where you are more than welcome to come and visit and look at my work.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?
All of my weddings include a second photographer. I feel it gives an extra dimension to your wedding day giving you many different angles and opportunity to cover all angles, guests and events of your day.

Can you tell me about your wedding collections?
My wedding collections are based on the amount of hours you would like covered with the option to extend on the day. You have the choice of DVD (JPG files) only or with an album and DVD bundle.

I’m having a wedding out of Sydney, do you travel?
Yes I definitely travel however costs are associated with this. If it is outside the Sydney metro there is a p/hr charge and if more than a 1.5hr drive out of Sydney accommodation is needed.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes I LOVE engagement sessions because not only do I get to know my clients better but it is also a wonderful moment in time to capture.

Do you do baby or family portraits?
Due to the busy schedule and time taken to develop wedding and engagements I am unable to do baby or family portraits.

Why would I want an album?
If you did a survey of brides from the last 5-8 years who opted for a DVD package I can assure you next to none of them would have made their own album or printed out a lot of photos to put on their walls. Life catches up too fast these days and who has the time to sort through all the images, design an album and get it printed? I can assure you the only place those photos are sitting are as a JPG on a DVD somewhere in the back of the cupboard. One of my favourite things to do is to pull out my parents wedding album, feel the textures and smell the history of it. You don’t get that from a piece of plastic or computer screen. So that’s why I recommend it, an easy way to relive the best day of your life and for future generations to enjoy!

Why should we book a professional photographer for our wedding day?
Booking the wrong photographer can be the biggest regret of your day. Not getting the shots you wanted, not enjoying the process and having some inexperienced with wedding photography can really be a let down on your day. An EXPERIENCED  professional photographer can anticipate the shots, photograph everything you would want from a wedding covered, have all types of insurance to cover any situation, enough equipment to ensure nothing goes wrong on the day and then provide a professional edit to present you with the best possible collection of wedding photos of your special day. So rethink the cheapest option and place a value on it.

How long is the typical coverage for a wedding day?
I would say the average for my clients is around 7-10 hours.

Do you edit the photos?
Yes I edit all my photos through lightroom and photoshop.

How many photos will we receive and how soon after the wedding do we receive them?
I aim for approximately 100 an hour and you will receive your photos in approximately 4 weeks from your wedding date.

What if it rains on my wedding day?
I have plenty of umbrellas and we will just have to make the most of what we have got:)I always know the locations I am shooting and will be able to recommend the best areas to shoot at considering the weather.